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Exclusive #VCE president Chad Sakac has confirmed #EMC will pick up #Dell ‘s #Nutanix -powered XC hyper-converged system, even though EMC’s own #VxRail hyper-converged system sales are “on fire.” VCE is EMC’s Converged Platform Division, and – lest we forget – EMC is going to be gobbled up by #Dell, which flogs Nutanix-powered XC gear. If that Dell-EMC acquisition goes ahead, EMC will take over the XC business as well as continue selling its own VxRail line. Sakac told The Register today: It’s pretty straightforward: Dell is 20 to 30 per cent of the Nutanix business today, or about 420 customers. It’s not the right customer move to sever that relationship. Therefore, we’ll offer a choice. VxRail is on fire. Together with VxRack, we are now [selling] north of $50m per quarter with a $200m run-rate as of Q2. We’re closing in on 2,000 appliances and 700 customers. That’s after 120 selling days. Clearly we think the best answer for customers standardized on #vSphere is VxRail – period. Our [go-to-market] will reflect that. We closed Q2 taking the number two spot from #Simplivity. The VCE boss added: “What will be amazing is when our [hyper-converged infrastructure appliance] business is north of $2bn per annum: we’re aiming for that being the run rate by the end of 2017. The [converged infrastructure] business continues to grow at 20 to 40 per cent year-on-year, but is showing some signs of slowing. “I think we’ll get it to $6bn to $8bn by 2019. It will likely peak around 2020. At that point, the HCIA business should be closing in on $10bn if we do things right.”

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