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In just over 10 years since becoming Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk has managed to take his company from relative unknown to one of the most valuable automakers in the world. 

To accomplish that — to succeed against large, entrenched competitors in a legacy market — Musk has repeatedly said that Tesla needs to work harder and think differently.

In a brilliant email sent last year, Musk offered an insightful look into one way Tesla does this through the way company leaders run their meetings. 

And chances are, these meetings look a lot different than the ones held at your company. 

Here are Elon Musk’s three rules for better meetings: 

  1. No large meetings. 
  2. If you’re not adding value to a meeting, leave. 
  3. No frequent meetings. 

Let’s break down why Musk’s advice is so extraordinary.

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