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Disaster-recovery-as-a-service ( #DRaaS ) is an obvious service to run in the cloud, as the business of operating secondary sites is costly and complex. Which is why #Microsoft ‘s offered #Azure Site Recovery, including for #VMware users, and why and data protection vendors such as #Zerto have happily stretched to the cloud. And now VMware’s taken its own DraaS-tic measures for these DraaS-tic times, by firing up its own “ #vCloud Air Dedicated Disaster Recovery.” The “dedicated” denotes that if you choose the service you’ll be renting a single-tenant, isolated set of kit for your very own bits. As with most VMware cloud services, this is essentially existing virtzilla products that work on-premises and in the cloud, with bridges so it’s hard to tell where your bit barn ends and the cloud begins. VMware’s Hybrid Cloud Manager runs the show, while #NSX helps out by making it easier to replicate networks if you need to fail over into the DR rig. Would-be users are promised the ability to set custom Recovery Point Objectives ( #RPO ) and Recovery Time Objectives ( #RTO ) for each workload. A menu of three operations will help to set those objectives, namely: Constant replication of workloads for rapid cutovers. VMware mentions RPO of 15 minutes as eminently achievable; Planned migrations, perhaps with vMotion between on-prem and vCloud Air with almost no unavailability of apps; Active-active configuration between applications that permit it.

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