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What is #Domain2.0 ? Domain 2.0 is an initiative from #AT&T to transform its network and infrastructure into a system that resembles #cloudcomputing services. In order to do so, AT&T will be replacing some of its current network elements with those that can be directed with software using Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure ( #NFVI ) and have those software-based components perform a broad variety of tasks using Software Defined Networking ( #SDN ) protocols. AT&T’s services will become increasingly software-based, from its data centers to its network edges. A system of orchestrated software will be able to perform a number of similar tasks at greater scale and reliability using cloud architecture. All of this makes for a much more dynamic system. So instead of using something like an edge router, with a pre-integrated set of functions, Domain 2.0 will produce a router with NFV software modules, silicon and controllers. Software will then be written that manages fewer resources, and puts all routers, switches, edge caches and middle boxes into one resource pool.

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