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Exclusive Staff at #EMC who go out into the world to meet customers have been told their #Apple Macs aren’t allowed to come with them. Amid Dell’s looming takeover of EMC, an edict has been issued insisting that Dell customers must only ever see Dell laptops during meetings and consulting engagements, EMC insiders have told The Register. Thus, any Macs in EMC staffers’ hands will be confined to quarters. After Dell and EMC combine, those office-bound Apple computers should be safe from company-wide rollouts of #Dell Windows PCs. EMC has in the past revealed it has a bring-your-own-device policy that lets people use personal devices to access email, in-house messaging and private cloud storage. Dell confirmed in the past it is fully behind the BYOD movement, just not for its own staff (apart from smartphones). The Register has confirmed that this policy persists in EMC, so workers who keep their Macs can avoid whatever combinations of hardware and Windows their new Dell masters deem fit for work. At least EMC staff after being offered nice replacement kit, in the form of the gaming-bred XPS machines, that another insider told us have been promised to incoming Dell employees.

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