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When is a backup not a backup? When you can’t get information out of that backup. Backups are worthless if you can’t actually restore from them, a truism that underlies much of the real-world planning around disaster recovery. @VMware ‘s broad portfolio of applications and services provides an excellent basis for examples and discussion of disaster recovery issues. Chief among the relevant products and features are vSphere Replication, VM Encryption and Site Recovery Manager (SRM). Building on its popularity in the on-premises datacenter, VMware’s backup and disaster recovery solutions tie into its VMware Cloud on @AWS offering, as well as the myriad #vCloud Director (vCD)-based services provider clouds. VMware, of course, also has a broad ecosystem of partners who provide solutions in this space. Restore Ability There are a number of reasons why information might not be able to be restored from a backup. One of those reasons could be that the backups were lost, perhaps because they were stored on the same site as the primary data. For VMware administrators this failure mode might happen if they relied only on vSphere snapshotting capabilities for data protection and nothing else.

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