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Technology major #Dell ’s latest 4-socket server portfolio will be including 4 rack and blade options, which will help enterprise level customers involving workload requirements,with large scale server deployment. Since workload requirements need flexibility and modularity, the #PowerEdge 13th generation servers will also be delivering on versatility, security, and overall productivity for both large scale and mid-level enterprises. The point to be noted about the new Dell PowerEdge #R930 is that, the server comes with Intel Xeon E7-8890 V4 processors, and has recently set three new SAP world- record benchmarks. The Director and General Manager of the Enterprises Services Group, Manish Gupta explained, “Enterprises have been dealing with changing waves of technology. Be it BYOD, Analytics, Big Data or the Cloud. In short, the lines of business have been re-drawn and that means enterprises need to be constantly ahead of the IT infrastructure curve when it comes to delivering the best experience and service for their customers, regardless of where they are.” He further added, “Dell’s updated 13th generation PowerEdge R930 has the capabilities to address the workloads of not just today but also workloads that will emerge due to new trends in the future. These servers are designed completely basis on customer feedback and our knowledge of understanding where the future of IT is headed. Customers can take advantage of its immense capabilities to handle all kinds of workloads.”

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