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The opening of the solar-powered Learning Lab at Waverley Girls’ High will provide world-class technology and connectivity to hundreds of girls from underserviced communities in Alexandra and Hillbrow. By Staff Writer Part of @Dell ’s 2020 Legacy of Good Plan, #Dell solar-powered Learning Labs provide direct technology access to more than 5,000 underprivileged students in communities where technology infrastructure is limited. This specific partnership at Waverley Girls’ High is just one of the projects Dell and Sci-Bono have collaborated on. Not only does this school struggle to compete and offer the same facilities as surrounding private schools, but it continues to strive to encourage and prepare girls to enter the IT industry. One of 11 labs globally, the Learning Labs are constructed inside standard shipping containers, using Dell’s #Wyse thin client computers and Dell #PowerEdge Servers to create a computer-empowered learning space.

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