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@DellTechnologies has announced it has joined the Automotive Edge Computing Consortium ( #AECC) to advance the emerging connected- and self-driving vehicles segment. The focus is on managing automotive #bigdata in smarter ways. The car is a huge, potential ‘ #datacenter’ with the future state ability to collect and share information from a huge range of sources. This links to safety, performance metrics, improved #geolocation, and the basis of #selfdrivingvehicles. It is of these reasons, which link to considerable future sales, that technology companies are becoming involved. The value of connected car data, and the new business models that emerge from it, could be worth $1.5 trillion a year by 2030, according to McKinsey. Dell’s contribution to the AECC will help to evolve network architectures and computing infrastructures, designed to to make managing automotive big data more efficient. These developments are important to ensure connected cars drive intelligently. For this to happen, over the next 5-10 years, cars need to be equipped with fast Internet access, artificial intelligence and big data analytics. It is anticipated that by 2025, connected vehicles will generate $150 billion in annual revenue, grow to 100 million vehicles globally, and as a result transmit over 100 petabytes of data to the cloud per month. As part of this future model, vehicles will need to connect to both data centre clouds and various public clouds through edge compute and networks to facilitate the transfer of large amounts of data in real time. Dell Technologies will prepare architectures for next-gen mobile networks and the cloud, designed to work with automobiles. According to John Roese, President and CTO at Dell EMC: “We will see acceleration and AI in the car become more mainstream to meet the complexity of connected car workloads. But carefully designed and efficient compute and storage in the car will be critical to maximize power usage for driving distance, not IT overhead.” He adds that; “Data structures will be simplified with a semantically rich data management framework, and active archiving. In this new world code and data, software updates and high-resolution maps will require a new approach, one that will leverage cloud-native, microservices, dynamic policy allocation and formal methods for software assurance and security.” This is necessary since: “We will see autonomous vehicles becoming a new breed of mobile computing platform.” By joining the AECC scheme, Dell Technologies will work with companies like Intel, Ericsson, Toyota and others.

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