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Back in April, #Dell won the grand prize in #Informatica ‘s “$1 Million #BigData Ready Challenge” held to support enterprise organizations that are up against the obstacles of integrating, governing, cleansing and securing Big Data. Dell will receive the prize of free #Informatica software and services for six months, as well as six weeks of professional services to help with the company’s Big Data Management proof of concept. Since Dell has been an Informatica client since 2007, Gattala felt that leveraging the skill sets around Informatica’s products will save time and resources as opposed to starting all over. “The overall end goal is business satisfaction [and] trying to get the value out of the data, yesterday. One of the major capabilities that we are looking at is to have the self-service capabilities for the business stakeholders so they can actually go and do themselves rather than, you know, waiting for the IT being a bottleneck,” Gattala explained. Dell will use Informatica data integration hub and Informatica intelligence data lake to achieve self-service capabilities in the integration and single point. The Informatica prize will allow Dell to use the right tools to build the data management pilot and roll it out to the organization. Gattala speaks to the emerging job description of a data architect in this new era of data management, noting that data scientists are at the forefront of this data transformation. Intelligent data, which will be using machine learning and algorithms will require teams with the skillsets to pull resources together while contributing to the organizational-wide impact. “Start with [being] true to your business, your customers, focus on finding data, and then focus on bringing the appropriate level of integration. Not putting data all in one place, but [allow] your customers to be matched to the data that they need,” Gattala concluded.

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