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Today at #SuperComputing2017 in Denver, Colorado, @Dell EMC made a handful of announcements surrounding #HPC and #dataanalytics and how they intend to bring this technology, along with #machinelearning and #deeplearning, to the mainstream. The above-mentioned technology can bring several benefits around fraud detection, image processing, financial investment analysis and personalized medicine. To this end, the company is introducing Dell EMC Ready Bundles for Machine and Deep Learning as well as the new Dell EMC PowerEdge C4140 server aimed at #cognitiveworkloads.   #ArtificialIntelligence ( #AI ), such as deep and machine learning, has been a big buzz recently. While there are many benefits to deploying this type of technology, Dell EMC argues that many vendors don’t possess the expertise to help organizations deploy and manage AI. Dell EMC will leverage its ecosystem to help customers gain the most insights using HPC. On top of this, the company will help customers choose HPC solutions tailored to their use cases. The first part of bringing the benefits of HPC to the masses is Dell EMC’s new Machine and Deep Learning Ready Bundles. Combining the knowledge of Dell EMC experts as well as the expertise of its partners, these bundles are the combination of pre-tested and validated servers, storage, networking and services optimized for machine and deep learning applications. The Ready Bundles are a result of a close partnership with Dell EMC and Intel as they two companies are working to collaborate on advancing artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. Dell EMC Ready Bundles for Machine and Deep Learning benefits include: Enable faster, better, deeper data insights: Identifying, analyzing and automating data patterns empowers customers to do more with their data in a wide range of applications such as facial recognition for security, tumor diagnosis in healthcare, and better understanding of human behaviors in the retail industry. Include trusted experts: Using the knowledge and experience of Dell EMC and its strong ecosystem of technology partners helps customers get the most out of machine and deep learning solutions quickly. Maximize efficiency, security and control: Enabling customers to reduce the costs associated with moving significant amounts of data in hybrid cloud environments while minimizing risk and maximizing data control.  Dell EMC will now be supporting its HPC with its powerful 14G PowerEdge Servers and they are introducing a new PowerEdge server today designed specifically for HPC workloads, the Dell EMC PowerEdge C4140 server. As part of a joint development agreement with NVIDIA, this new sever supports up to four NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU accelerators with PCIe and NVLink high-speed interconnect technology. The servers also leverages two Intel Xeon Scalable Processors and is ideal for intensive machine learning and deep learning applications to drive advances in scientific imaging, oil and gas exploration, financial services and other HPC industry verticals. Availability The Dell EMC Ready Bundles for Machine Learning and Deep Learning are expected to be available in the first half of 2018. TheDell EMC PowerEdge C4140 is expected to be available worldwide in December 2017.

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