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Tom Burns, #DellEMC ‘s networking senior vice president, expects the market to be dominated by an open, #softwaredefined model in the next three to five years. He said customers that continue to buy the traditional, proprietary stack from legacy vendors like #Cisco are settling for “just more of the same.” Burns also said customers are driving the transformation of the networking market as more enterprise firms seek to emulate the way major webscale and hyper-scale firms operate and that trend makes its way down to firms of all types and sizes. Dell EMC’s strategy is to provide both traditional networking hardware along with its own OS-10 operating system while also partnering with the likes of software-defined networking start-ups #BigSwitch Networks and #Cumulus Networks and using partners to push a converged and #hyperconverged infrastructure portfolio to offer customers a broad range of options. The effort, Burns says, is gaining traction as customers realize significant cost savings and Dell EMC works to maintain profitability for partners selling its networking solutions.

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