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Today at the BETT Show in London, #DellEMC announced its latest portfolio of PCs and monitors that are designed to improve education and learning opportunities in K-12 students throughout the world. The new portfolio will consist of three new laptops that are built to withstand the day-to-day wear that is expected with students. Dell EMC will also be introducing two new interactive displays, again custom built for the classroom

As with most everything, education and educational needs have changed with the times. The recent advances in technology have led to both new methods of learning and teaching. However, there is a limitation to the access of this technology, whether it is financially prohibitive for education systems to initially purchase or to maintain them as a tablet tends to be less robust than a hardback book. Dell EMC’s announcement today will bring the new technology into classrooms that are affordable and can take a beating.
On the notebook front, Dell EMC is introducing a new 360-degree convertible, 11” Latitude and Chromebook with a Dell productivity active pen built for K-12 students. They are also releasing both 11 and 13-inch notebooks (both Latitude and Choromebook once again). All of the new notebooks will be able to run with Windows or Chrome operating systems. They offer 10+ hours of battery life (enough for an entire school day) and they feature 6th (Chromebooks) Generation and the latest 7th (Latitudes) Generation Intel processors.
With the convertibles, both can adjust to “the lesson of the day” with their 360-degree flexibility that results in three modes: clamshell, tablet, and tent. The Latitude will have an outward facing camera in tablet mode to help students create videos as well as other creative possibilities. Both models of the convertible come with Dell productivity active pens. While there are some debates about the use of styluses, multiple studies have shown that writing things down commit them to memory better than typing them, and once one can remember more they will be able to learn easier. As far as ruggedness goes, the convertibles are made with Corning Concore Glass and Gorilla Glass NBT to help fend off scratches that could occur with daily use.

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