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#DellEMC ’s launch of its new unified partner program a few weeks ago was just the beginning. This week, the company announced an expansion of its #CloudServiceProvider (CSP) partner track, including the addition of rebates into the program, a new dedicated product business unit to build futures and functions for the market segment and an entire sellout organization to create go-to-market traction in the filed. The program’s rewards structure encourage collaboration between Dell EMC’s varied solution providers and cloud service providers, which the company says includes public cloud providers, vertical market cloud specialists, communications service providers, hosting/co-location providers and consumer webtech providers. “This is a pretty serious business for us and it’s gotten more and more serious,” Jay Snyder, SVP of Global Alliances and Service Providers at Dell EMC told The VAR Guy. “We now have over 200 resources within Dell EMC that are focused on the solutioning and go-to-market side of the business.” Dell EMC’s additional enhancements to the track take the form of compensation benefits boosts such as revenue-based rebates and access to earned- and proposal-based marketing and business development funds. The company hopes to differentiate how Dell EMC partner providers go to market with cloud services from a growing field of competitors. To that end, it’s increased investments in sell-with and sell-out resources for service provider partners, building a global organization with the sole responsibility of helping partners sell. “They will only make money when our partners make money,” said Snyder. “We’re really putting our money where our mouth is. We absolutely know we need to win together in the market. And to do that, we need the cloud service providers more than ever.” Partners will earn based upon the spend, or “sell-in”, across service, storage and networking. In addition, Dell EMC has added accelerators for partners doing business with the company across multiple lines of business. “If you look at traditional resellers, in my opinion, [the digital transformation] certainly is changing the way that they go to market and are having to adapt,” David Trigg, Global VP of Market Development and Service Providers at Dell EMC, told us. “What we’re trying to do is enable their businesses as best we can, and that’s where the area of the cloud partner connect comes in.” As resellers transition to become service providers, they naturally become part of multiple partner tracks within the Dell EMC ecosystem, he explained. The vendor is happy to invest in such transitions in order to increase partner participation in the Dell EMC product lines. And it’s a win for the reseller, too. “Becoming a service provider is not a cheap proposition,” Trigg says.

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