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#DellEMC is stepping up its networking offensive against #Cisco, urging solution providers to frame the traditional market giant as “just more of the same” and betting that open, software-defined networking ( #SDN ) strategies will come to dominate in the next three to five years. Some solution providers can see that future clearly and say their primary earning opportunities in networking are with open systems rather than a closed, proprietary stack.  “I’ve got a $1 million-plus pipeline in [ #VMware ] #NSX and probably no pipeline in [ #Cisco ] ACI,” said a top executive at a data center solution provider that works with both Dell EMC and Cisco. “Why do I want to buy all these really expensive [Cisco] switches when I can just layer in NSX? VMware virtualized server, storage and networking and it’s a problem for Cisco. I don’t think they have an answer for it. I see enormous amounts of opportunity, and you’re going to have to have a lot of agility to go after it.”

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