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Today @Dell EMC is happy to announce that they have taken the top spot in both server shipments and revenue. Dell EMC had been shipping more units, they had 18.8% unit share in the fourth quarter of 2017. Now they are reporting that their x86 server revenue increased 37.9% year over year, nabbing the top spot in revenue as well. In 2017 the company released the fourteenth generation of its PowerEdge Servers. This generation came with faster processers, more RAM, security improvements, and better storage options but the new server line also came with HCI, SDS, and automation built in. In fact, Dell EMC is using the new PowerEdge line as the backbone of its HCI line. At StorageReview the new Dell EMC 14G PowerEdge R740xd makes up the core backbone of our test lab. We reviewed the unit here where it won our Editor’s choice award. Creating a high quality product that fits several use cases is definitely a path for success. In the future we can expect Dell EMC to innovate in the direction of emerging technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, and IoT. However, the competition will as well, and perhaps their head won’t be weighed down by the crown for too long.

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