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Though #hyperscale providers like @Google and @Microsoft have vast cloud infrastructures, traditional enterprises beat those guys for complexity, according to @John Roese, @Dell EMC’s chief technology officer. “Enterprises are more complex than hyperscale. Which sounds insane, because hyperscales are big and have more scaling problems,” Roese tells @LightReading. “But they don’t have the legacy.” Most of the useful data in an enterprise is running in legacy systems, including mainframes, client/server, Java and .Net applications that aren’t going anywhere. It’s unreasonable to suggest that enterprises should immediately scrap those applications and replace them with modern, containerized software, Roese says. Instead, enterprise should keep that old infrastructure running as long as is practical, and use APIs to access the applications and data from a modern cloud infrastructure, Roese says. “It’s ok to have a mainframe for 20 years, as long as you can access it through a modern interface,” Roese says.

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