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The integrations for @Cinesite, @Aubert and @Nspyre combined #Dell ‘s technology and expertise @Dell has announced three new cloud-centric installations that combine workload-ready, virtual-ready, big data-ready and cloud-ready technologies. The company revealed it has been working with htree clients, #Cinesite, #Aubert and #Nspyre, in three very different ways, to help them embrace the cloud, while “future-proofing” their organisations to ensure their systems are always up to date and ready for growth. VFX company Cinesite wanted to move away from a traditional on-premise datacentre that had limited capabilities, to something more flexible and scalable. Dell deployed servers, networking and workstation solutions via co-location facilities to ensure staff always have access to systems and the IT department could concentrate on creativity rather than the backend infrastructure. Dutch automation services company Nyspyre needed grow its business, while also addressing productivity issues among the workforce because they didn’t have the most up to date systems to meet demand. “Performance was falling,” John Schouten, ICT manager at Nspyre, said. “This was mainly to do with the age of the technology. Plus, people were beginning to complain about key applications running slowly.

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