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Complexity is the top problem plaguing data centers and the move to private and hybrid clouds. With the cost and rigidity of traditional storage arrays, the market is looking to #SDS and #hyperconverged infrastructure on standard x86 platforms. However, these technologies also have compromises, including a forklift overhaul of the server infrastructure, server maintenance complexities, network bottlenecks, and high cost to scale. Thankfully there is a new wave of convergence, Open Converged Infrastructure, which offers vastly simpler performance, scalability and protection for virtualization and private clouds, enterprise applications, dev/ops, analytics and virtual desktop environments. #Datrium DVX combines compute nodes, flash-based servers for high performance, with data nodes, low cost, erasure-coded object stores for durable primary data and copy data management. This separation of node types, unachievable with hyperconverged architectures, enables simple and efficient Google- or Facebook-style infrastructure for private cloud data centers.

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