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#Sphere3D Corp (NASDAQ:ANY), which happens to be one of the industry leaders when it comes to the provision of top solutions in containerization, data management and virtualization has come forward to announce its latest move. It actually did this together with #Datrium, which is of course one of the most trusted providers of the #OpenConvergedInfrastructure for private clouds and all the concerned parties were happy to learn about Sphere 3D’s HVE line obtaining the “Datrium ready” nodes classification. Over the years, the data center has of course undergone major transformations especially since the UNIX server days, when the solution for increasing performance was to move ahead and do the purchase of larger proprietary RISC based boxes. And at this point in time scale out was observed as some sort of wishful thinking. At the moment, the current data center is constructed on hyperconverged, converged as well as the open-converged technologies that that enable the adoption of a software centric approach for increased performance as well as a lower total cost of ownership. Datrium and Sphere 3D have come up with a wide range of the HVE bundles to accelerate the transformation and that is of course through subscribing to some proven and top solution designs to meet both capacity demands and performance as well, and scale remains quite crucial in relation to this. The Director of Technology, Azle ISD, Eddie Alford in making a statemement said, “Azle Independent School District (ISD) has been partnering with HVE for more than four years. Their VDI products as well as their server virtualization have been a key part of our operations. This past year, we purchased Datrium. The integration of Datrium into our existing HVE server virtualization has been seamless and connected with our network without issue. We are very pleased with our open convergence solution,” Dealing in containerization, virtualization, and data management solutions via hybrid cloud as it generally sounds is a technological undertaking that as a matter of fact is quite wanting in terms of the required dedication and experience. Sphere 3D Corp, according to one of its top officials has been doing business for many years thus obtaining the necessary experience required to provide top-notch services. The future looks promising, but we just have to wait and see.

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