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Today on the #Datanauts it’s #objectstorage. Object storage is easily accessible, highly scalable, and underpins many cloud and online applications and services. Our guest sailor across the sea of object storage is Enrico Signoretti, head of product strategy at #OpenIO and a well-known analyst and blogger at Juku. Enrico and the Datanauts will talk about the object storage format, how it differs from block and file storage, how it scales in performance and capacity, and use cases where it does (and doesn’t) make sense. We’ll also talk about OpenIO, an #opensource project that develops software-defined storage ( #SDS ). OpenIO also offers a commercially supported version of its SDS software. Last but not least, we discuss Enrico’s work in the technology community, including blogging, open source, and his past work with the TECHUnplugged organization

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