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Today at #VeeamOn 2017, #DataGravity announced DataGravity for Availability with #Veeam support. DataGravity states that its new solution will be the first to automatically respond, in real-time, to data exposure and security threats in a Veeam backup repository. This behavior-driven management will help companies to better defend insider threats while also providing higher levels of visibility and availability.

Data security and classification is popping up quite a bit in the mainstream news, but it is an issue that stays at the top of enterprises’ minds. While Veeam is in the business of backing up and replicating data to keep it safe, those using Veeam need a way to see what is in their data and who accessing it. DataGravity is the right company to provide such insights.

When we reviewed DataGravity’s Discovery Series, we found it to be a way for companies to get a better understanding of, and get a fuller use of their data. Not only could user store data on the array, they could easily track it and see if someone that shouldn’t be accessing it, was doing so. DataGravity is taking this same method and applying it to data protection. With what it calls “minimum impact on the IT infrastructure,” DataGravity for Availability uses intuitive self-management to monitor both user and file behavior. The solution is able to spot and stop an attack (such as ransomeware) and then uses the restore capabilities native to Veeam for rapid recovery. This rapid recovery results in little to no data loss and provides a “forensics-level recovery” using a full audit trail of all the changes that occurred within and across backups and by whom.

DataGravity for Availability includes:

An orchestration framework: Customers can define a set of actions that are activated when specific content or anomalous user behavior is detected.Forensic-level recovery: IT and security teams get a full trace of user and file changes to guide fine-grain restores. These are triggered in real-time once an incident, such as an insider threat or ransomware, is recognized and halted.Seamless Veeam integration: Solution is specifically designed to visualize, secure and protect data in Veeam virtual environments.

Both DataGravity for Virtualization and DataGravity for Availability with Veeam work seamlessly together, giving users complete protection of their VMs inside and out.

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