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 In episode 268, Douglas Brown interviews Sushant Rao, Sr. Director of Product & Solutions Marketing at #DataCore Software. Sushant and Douglas discuss DataCore Software’s hyper-converged storage solution.. Sushant is another deep technical expert from DataCore and does a great job diving deep in to #hyperconvergence , DataCore, storage, parallel processing and much more! This is a very technical deep dive from one of the industries true experts. This is 4rd in a series of podcasts with DataCore Software, if you missed the previous issues then look no further: Hyper-converged: A Noun or a Verb? Podcast with DataCore Software – Episode 262 DataCore: Parallel I/O and Virtualized Storage Deep Dive Podcast with Guru Ziya Aral – Episode 248 DataCore Software – VMware Virtual Volumes ( #VVols ) Storage Podcast – Episode 246

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