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@Databricks, the company founded by the creators of @Apache @Spark, first launched its cloud-based Spark services to general availability in 2015. It was a single cloud offering, from Databricks itself, but physically based on the @Amazon Web Services cloud. On the #Azure side, meanwhile, there have been several ways to run Apache Spark, including on @HDInsight, Azure Batch Service, Data Science Virtual Machines and, more recently, Azure Machine Learning services. But if you wanted full-on Databricks, you had to do that on AWS. Redmond-bound Enter Azure Databricks (ADB), a new flavor of the premium Apache Spark service but this time based on, and tightly integrated with, Microsoft Azure. ADB has direct support for Azure Blob Storage and Azure Data Lake Store, and its otherwise standard documentation has been customized to illustrate how to connect to Azure SQL Database and SQL Data Warehouse, and to connect to the service from Power BI. It also integrates with Cosmos DB and Azure Active Directory.

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