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Join us Wednesday April 7th @9am PT for A whiteboard discussion about how data fabric moves data at scale – with real customer examples.

Forward-leaning companies win market share because they leverage data more effectively than their competitors. Unlock the potential of your data assets with HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric (formerly MapR Data Platform). Empower your data science, analytics, and business teams by simplifying data management on a globally distributed scale. All with enterprise-grade reliability, security, and performance.

In this whiteboard discussion, we will explore:

  • Common data workflow inefficiencies
  • How a data fabric can solve them
  • Customer examples from autonomous car development and financial services

What is HPE Data Fabric? HPE Data Fabric provides a unified view into data from edge to core to cloud with a global namespace. In the video below our expert discusses the challenges enterprises face when managing data across all their infrastructure.

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