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NEC will also invest $10 million in the company and sell the D-Wave Leap quantum computing service alongside its traditional services.

“Japan is the birthplace of quantum annealing and has remained a global leader in quantum application development,” said Alan Baratz, D-Wave executive VP of research and development. “Our collaboration with global pioneer NEC is a major milestone in the pursuit of fully commercial quantum applications.”

Quantum has long been thought to be the next step in computing but the technology has gotten off to a slow start. While Google is claiming  “quantum supremacy” by performing quantum tasks in a matter of seconds that would otherwise take a regular computer thousands of years to complete, the kinds of work able to be done on a quantum computer – including any form of crypto mining – is limited. 

The importance of the NEC partnership is clear when looking at D-Wave’s current cloud offerings. D-Wave’s Leap program gives users free access to a D-Wave 2000Q computer and a full SDK to take advantage of their machines. That said, there have been few visible, practical implementations of this quantum architecture. The NEC partnership aims to change that.

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