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2018: A Very Good Year  All-flash storage vendor @Pure Storage early this month reported that 2018 was the first year it broke the billion-dollar revenue mark and was cash-flow-positive for the full year, and that its fourth quarter was its first to show profitability. That’s quite an achievement for a company that is a relative newcomer to a market as highly competitive as all-flash storage, where it has to vie with traditional large vendors pouring resources into flash storage as well as a host of startups focusing on the technology. @Charles Giancarlo, CEO of Pure Storage, recently spoke with @CRN to talk about not only the financials, but about the industry as a whole and where Pure Storage fits. He told CRN that the growth of Pure Storage is only starting as the Mountain View, Calif.-based company is beating competitors to the punch when it comes to the technology needed for artificial intelligence, machine learning and supercomputing. Here’s insight into how an upstart like Pure Storage can stand toe-to-toe with its rivals in an incredibly dynamic industry like all-flash storage

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