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Backgrounder #Commvault ’s Chief Communications Officer Bill Wohl was in London yesterday, and wanting to emphasise how well Commvault has recovered from the dip in its fortunes caused by customers moving to the cloud faster than anticipated. He said Commvault was, in our words, a bridge between product systems and their data and a protected and recoverable data resource which Commvault indexed and made searchable. As its customers application environments changed then Commvault changed too so as to provide the same data protection environment. The firm has to keep in step with its customers so that, as their data centre systems change, from physical servers to virtualised ones, and to having a cloud component, Commvault’s software can work on the new systems and continue servicing the customers’ data protection needs. This is shown by the rise of hyper-converged systems and their entry into customers’ data centres. Commvault added #Nutanix support in March this year. Protection partner #Fujitsu has just launched its ETERNUS CS200c S3 integrated backup appliance, which uses Commvault software. It delivers, Fujitsu says, an all-in-one data protection concept for converged and hyper-converged systems and has SLA-keeping capabilities. The company thinks it provides data protection facilities that are lacking in hyper-converged systems. VP Uwe Neumeier says these often store backup copies on the same platform as production data copies; so the data is not safe from corruption or deletion. You need a separate target store.

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