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The software is supposed to prevents bottlenecks in multi-tenant, multi-workload clusters so that many users and jobs can run reliably on a single cluster at maximum utilization. The company naughtily suggests that we look at its most recent InfoGraphic which is filled with data from over 100 production #Hadoop clusters. This study uncovered the most common and insidious symptoms of cluster flux that plague companies of all sizes. According to the firm, “ #Pepperdata senses contention for CPU, memory, disk I/O, and network at run time and will automatically slow down low-priority tasks when needed to ensure that your high-priority jobs complete on time — without the need to isolate workloads on separate clusters.” Just to make it more fun to look at, Pepperdata has presented the information in the form of the Hadoop elephant mocked up as the body from the children’s game ‘Operation‘.

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