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#Cloudera and #Hortonworks compete in selling and servicing open-source software for analyzing data called #Hadoop, and a set of related technologies. Hadoop was a central factor in the “big data” hype cycle that rocked the enterprise software world earlier this decade. That hype cycle has cooled, and shifted toward newer, shinier buzzwords including artificial intelligence and machine learning. And yet the more you look at Cloudera’s S1 filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Cloudera minimizes mentions of Hadoop, which is still very much its primary line of business, mentioning it 14 times in a 150-page document. The new emphasis is on “machine learning” a phrase it repeats 70 times. But Hadoop is still without question, Cloudera’s main business, just as it is the main business at Hortonworks. At Cloudera, Hadoop gets packaged with proprietary software in an approach it calls Hybrid Open Source Software or HOSS. The #HOSS approach, it argues, is aimed at large corporate customers who want an “enterprise-grade” product.

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