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#Cloudera, a provider of data management and analytics platform built on #Apache #Hadoop and additional open source technologies, has introduced Cloudera Navigator Optimizer, alongside the production release of Cloudera Enterprise 5.8. First launched in beta in late 2015, Navigator Optimizer, now generally available, is targeted at customers looking to modernize their analytic database or augment their data warehouse solution with Hadoop, and helps to provide insights for predictably offloading key workloads. The tool also provides DBAs with the usage visibility to manage Hadoop data models and guidance to optimize query performance. The company has also relesed Cloudera Enterprise 5.8, which includes cloud-native support for high-performance analytics and improvements to the SQL development experience. According to Charles Zedlewski, vice president, products, at Cloudera, among Cloudera customers, deployment of Cloudera Enterprise as a Hadoop-based analytic database is one of the most popular use cases. The addition of Cloudera Navigator Optimizer provides the visibility and guidance necessary to help decrease the development costs when offloading to Hadoop and actively optimize these workloads for peak performance, he added. Hadoop is a complement to existing enterprise data warehouses offering the ability to relieve the pressures of these systems, while enabling new workloads. And, with Impala as the interactive SQL engine, the company says, Cloudera’s platform provides a high-performance and scalable alternative to traditional analytic databases

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