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Last time we spoke to you it was in 2014, when #Cloudera had just announced a monster $740 million investment from #Intel, along with a strategic partnership. Where has that investment gone, and how is the relationship going? Yes, it was the two-year anniversary of the partnership in May, and it continues to be a game-changing relationship. I’m very impressed with the things we’ve done. There’s some pretty exciting work happening now with Intel around designing chips optimised for analytic workloads. Some work has been done to make sure analytic workloads on Apache #Hadoop are the first workloads deployed in that chip, working on transactional memory, and other next-generation technologies with Intel. It’s a five-year roadmap, and we’ve had many deliverables in the past two years. We have been working on them in terms of additional planning on how they see the data centre of the future, and how it’s going to be architected and designed. It’s a long-term view of innovation that’s coming. We need to be able to prepare for it and make sure #Apache Hadoop takes advantage of these architectures. Just from a business perspective, we don’t anticipate ever needing to raise any funding again, which obviously gives us a lot of flexibility in how we build our business, and when to time our IPO. Being partnered with Intel has allowed us to invest significantly in our roadmap, which allows us to mature the platform and advance the capabilities much faster than we could without that funding

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