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The cloud computing marketplace has come of age, and the market is booming. As I discussed in my last article, Cloud is no longer a business strategy. It is just something we do. Further proof is demonstrated by #Amazon Web Services ( #AWS ) reporting huge Q2 numbers of $2.9B in revenue, up by more than $1B from the same time in 2015. #Microsoft reported its “intelligent cloud” segment was up 7%, totaling $6.7B, and their public cloud offering #Azure was up by 102% year-on-year. Finally, #Oracle announced the acquisition of born-in-the cloud ERP vendor #NetSuite for $9.3B. I believe Oracle had to step-up or get left behind in the cloud market, especially after several false starts and missteps from an execution perspective. #OpenStack continues to evolve as a leading cloud platform deployed across many large enterprises worldwide; dozens of service providers like Canonical’s #Ubuntu, #Dell, #HewlettPackardEnterprise, #Intel, #Rackspace Hosting, #RedHat and others are driving innovation and leadership.

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