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#Scality, Inc. announced its #RING #objectstorage software is validated by #Cisco Systems, Inc. for the Cisco #UCS S3260 storage server and integrated UCS Manager. RING is a software-defined storage platform designed for the digital enterprise, providing flexibility in supporting the business needs of service providers, large enterprises, media and entertainment providers, and those working with data generated by IoT. The Cisco Scality joint storage solution enables digital businesses to solve critical IT problems by managing data growth with predictability, leveraging standard hardware that is already proven in their environments. This Cisco Validated Design (CVD) ensures that the Cisco Scality solution is designed, tested, and documented to facilitate faster, more reliable, and more predictable deployments for customers. C Spire, storing the future of TV, is leveraging the Cisco Scality storage solution to deliver petabyte-scale, data-rich storage for its digital television product. The company is using RING validation by Cisco to help power the upcoming release of its streaming TV service, eliminating the need for a set top box. “Being customer inspired and a technology innovation leader, it’s critical that we have a reliable storage partner that allows us to scale quickly and meet the evolving entertainment and video needs of consumers,” said Ashley Phillips, GM of home services, C Spire. “We worked very closely with Scality and Cisco to deploy a robust solution that allows us to optimize our new streaming product.” Modern data centers increasingly rely on a variety of architectures for storage whereas in the past, focus was on block and file storage only. Organizations are turning to object storage due to its unlimited scalability and easy management, low cost per petabyte, and suitability for large capacity implementations. The Cisco-Scality solution delivers economic savings at scale for digital businesses, enabling customers to take advantage of infinite scale with linear performance, 100% up-time, and the flexibility needed to manage dynamic storage requirements. “Leading analyst firms recognize Scality as an object storage leader,” said Paul Turner, CMO, Scality. “This validation by Cisco reconfirms that leadership position and gives enterprise customers the peace of mind to know that Scality technology perfectly integrates with their Cisco UCS S3260 storage servers.” RING object storage is a scalable, software-defined storage system that delivers unified storage for unstructured data with cloud economics. It provides enterprise reliability, scale-out capacity, and lower cost with Cisco’s UCS server solution.

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