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#Cisco is the most familiar company in the router and switch market with #Juniper and #Nokia trailing behind, according to a new piece of research from IHS Markit. IHS Markit conducted a switch and router vendor leadership survey in 2016 that shows how service providers select router and CES manufacturers, whose equipment they have installed, help them evaluate future purchases. The 15-page study features operator ratings of 11 vendors including, #Brocade, #Cisco, #Coriant, #ECI, #Ericsson, #Fujitsu, #Huawei, #Juniper, #NEC, #Nokia [including #AlcatelLucent ] and #ZTE on 9 criteria. The survey assesses service provider attitudes toward and perceptions of edge router, core router and CES manufacturers. In the study, Cisco was at the top of respondent edge/core router and CES manufacturer leadership scores. Along with Juniper, Huawei and Nokia (including Alcatel-Lucent), Cisco forms a top tier clearly separated by a wide margin from the other manufacturers. All these four manufacturers account for about 86% of worldwide revenue market share for routers and CES. Nokia topped among others, followed by Cisco and Juniper, when it came to product reliability and service and support. This was considered on an individual manufacturer selection criteria. For technology innovation and product roadmap, Cisco and Nokia ranked first and second, respectively. While for price-to-performance ratio, the Chinese vendors led with Huawei at number one position and ZTE at number two. Cisco, Juniper, Huawei and Nokia also led in other measures including unaided awareness, familiarity (or aided awareness), and equipment installed and under evaluation. Similarly, the vendors ranked at the top when survey respondents named leaders in next-gen routing technologies including 100GE, vRouter and IP DCI.

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