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Although old-guard networking company #Cisco Systems Inc. was slow to embrace new-age disruptions such as network functions virtualization ( #NFW ) and #softwaredefinednetworking ( #SDN ), it’s fully invested now and a company exec predicts big things for the upstart technologies in the year ahead. Exec Jeff Reed penned a list of 10 factors contributing to a major technology shift in 2017, with #NFV and SDN figuring prominently in the top five. Coming in at No. 2 in Reed’s list is the prediction that “NFV comes to the enterprise.” ” #Virtualization is hot right now — and with good cause,” Reed said in his post. “We’re going to see Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) spread from service providers to the enterprise — beginning in the branch. It will allow those leading-edge network teams with a multitude of branches to more easily provision, chain and scale branch network services.” Reed’s prediction is bolstered by industry heavyweights such as AT&T — which in July launched a Network Functions on Demand service — and Verizon, which soon followed up with its competing counterpart, Virtual Network Services. Meanwhile, technology giants such as Google are hopping on the NFV/SDN bandwagon, with the company announcing in July that it was joining the CORD (Central Office Re-architected as a Data Center) project, formed by Open Networking Lab (ON.Lab) and The Linux Foundation, who are building out the fledgling CORD initiative — conceived to bring “datacenter economics and cloud flexibility to the telco central office and to the entire access network” — into a separate open source project with independent governance, partners, collaborators and contributors. To compete with the big boys, smaller companies such NEC and Juniper announced NFV partnerships. And on the open source front, the OPNFV Project for Network Functions Virtualization was last year deemed “lab ready” in its second release. Announcements such as these, along with many others, support Reed’s prediction of an emerging enterprise role for NFV in the year ahead.

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