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Shenzhen, China, August 4th, 2016] #ChinaTelecom Corporation Limited (Shenzhen) and #Huawei today signed a Cooperation Framework Agreement (CFA) to deliver gigabit connectivity to homes and communities in Shenzhen. The CFA aims to transform Shenzhen into a “Gigaband City” delivering 1,000Mb/s connections with all-optical networks to drive economic and social development, and ultimately create a benchmark “Smart City”. Rapid urbanization and population growth are placing extraordinary pressure on public transportation, healthcare systems, waste management systems, and the power grid. More cities are moving towards becoming smart cities to keep pace with citizen expectations for high quality services and efficient systems while ensuring safety and sustainability for the future. Smart cities will deliver ubiquitous HD surveillance, large-capacity distributed cloud data centers, real-time HD TeleMedicine, and online education. However, these advanced applications require high speed connectivity made possible by Gigaband network capacity.

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