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The list of tech giants who had services go down today because of the #CenturyLink outage includes big names like #Amazon, #Twitter, #Microsoft (#XboxLive), #EA, #Blizzard, #Steam, #Discord, #Reddit, #Hulu, #DuoSecurity, #Imperva, #NameCheap, #OpenDNS, and many more.

According to a CenturyLink status page, the issue originated from CenturyLink’s data center in Mississauga, a city near Ontario, Canada.

The telco says the root cause of the incident was an incorrect Flowspec announcement.

Flowspec is an extension for the BGP protocol that allows companies to use BGP routes to distribute firewall rules across their network. Flowspec announcements are usually used when dealing with security incidents, such as BGP hijacks or DDoS attacks, as it allows companies to change their entire network to react and mitigate attacks within seconds.

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