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#Cloudera that develops #apache #hadoop -based enterprise analytic data management software and #Centrify that develops identity management software have partnered to announce that Centrify has joined the Open Network Insight ( #ONI ) project, extending on its existing partnership. ONI is an open source, Apache 2.0 licensed cybersecurity project that claims to leverage big data analytics and machine learning to detect advanced threats and provide actionable insights into operational and security threats. It runs on #Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub (EDH) and can analyze numerous events in order to detect unknown threats, insider threats, and gain a new level of visibility into the network, says the company. By extending ONI’s open data model into identity with the inclusion of Centrify, the company is allowing users to centralize identity and account credential data, integrated it into cybersecurity applications that leverage ONI. In a company blog, Centrify claims that it will help customers protect themselves from cyber threats by enriching existing security data with information that Centrify captures through its Identity Platform.

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