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Rory Ward, site reliability engineering manager at #Google, told an audience at #RSA Conference 2017 that he and his team have been working on #BeyondCorp at Google for six years in order to move Google’s network security infrastructure to a “zero trust model” where authentication is based on trusting devices and users rather than the network itself. #SDN Heather Adkins, director of security at Google, said that historically enterprise has envisioned the corporate network as a castle or a “bonbon” in which the sweet goodies are on the inside and surrounded by a strong perimeter. “We designed it this way because 20-30 years ago we would buy hardware and software and we would connect it to networks inside a physical perimeter, inside a building,” Adkins said. “There came a time where we needed to protect it from the internet so we bought networking equipment that provided us with layer-3 firewall, layer-2 firewall and web application firewalls. This created the castle-like perimeter.”

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