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#Axcient ‘s idea is to connect dots in the data center, including old dots that still work (such as legacy arrays) and new-gen, hybrid-cloud dots that bring new efficiencies. Axcient’s mission in life is efficiency: to stop waste of money, power, capacity and time in IT. It’s dead set on trying to accomplish this. Market researchers have calculated that the legacy on-premises IT infrastructure market is worth more than $100 billion annually, in terms of replacement goods and services. Axcient, a pioneer in providing disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), believes that a full 70 percent of that total ($70 billion) is simply unnecessary. Think about it: How many servers, laptops, phones, storage arrays, various components, and software disks or subscription services are you using that are costing you way too much in maintenance, or simply lying around your shop unused? Everybody can identify with that picture.

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