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Pawsey Supercomputing Centre down in Perth, Australia chose Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) for its next-gen Setonix supercomputer, but now we have some more details on the specs inside of the new supercomputer.

Setonix will have over 200,000 AMD EPYC “Milan” CPU cores, over 750 AMD Mi-Next GPUs with 128GB of VRAM per GPU, over 548TB of system memory, near-node NVMe storage, 15PB ClusterStor Lustre filesystem with 2.7PB SSD and 90PB of Ceph storage.

The additional details on Pawsey’s next-gen Setonix supercomputer were provided by Pawsey CTO Ugo Varetto.

Pawsey’s new Setonix supercomputer will be built by HPE, with the new HPE Cray EX system being used across a wide array of projects including COVID-19 research through to the precursor telescopes and the Square Kilometre Array.

Pawsey Centre Executive Director Mark Stickells explained when Setonix was unveiled: “On delivery, this will be the fastest public research supercomputer in Australia, potentially the Southern Hemisphere, and it is an enormous leap forward for Australian research. Setonix will help researchers around the world manage the data collected through the Square Kilometre Array. It will support our role as part of the international consortia helping advance COVID research”.

He added: “It will help us better understand climate change, the warming of oceans, the genomics of plants that can tolerate drought – or, the genome of a furry little marsupial on a remote island in WA. It is a project that underscores WA’s importance to international scientific collaboration”.

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