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For many years, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has been pioneering innovative uses for Artificial Intelligence in security and defense, from analyzing the readiness of the vehicles of military to the identification of insurgent targets. Today, these struggles have shifted into high gear under the strategic initiative of the United States that is focused completely on harnessing Artificial Intelligence for the advancement of peace, prosperity and security of the nation.As for the initiative, a DoD 2018 summary of the Artificial Intelligence strategy of the nation right to the point said they would harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence for transforming all the functions of their Department positively, and hence protecting the service members of the U.S., safeguarding their citizens, defending their partners and allies, and furthermore, improving the effectiveness, affordability, and the speed of their operations.Artificial Intelligence is able to be embedded into the weapons as well as surveillance systems for enhancing performance. It could be used for improving target recognition, combating simulation and training, and also threat monitoring. It can further be utilized in logistics and transportation systems, for helping the military in getting the right equipment.Military systems that are equipped with Artificial Intelligence have the ability of handling huge volumes of data and in order to do so with more efficiency than the conventional systems. AI further allows advanced computing as well as the decision-making capabilities which help the commanders of the military to improve the control, actuation and regulation of the combat systems.Coming to the analysis of videos and images that are captured by aerial vehicles and surveillance systems, Artificial Intelligence is again greatly beneficial.Cyber-warfare will definitely be one of the war fields of the future. Artificial Intelligence might assist the military organizations to combat with the threat of cyber-attacks.

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