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-@ODPi, a nonprofit organization accelerating the open ecosystem of big data solutions, today announced that the #Apache™ #Hadoop® distributions products from #Altiscale, #ArenaData, #Hortonworks, #IBM, and #Infosys are now ODPi Runtime Compliant. This ensures that their distributions provide big data application vendors a consistent set of base level expectations as defined by ODPi Runtime specification.

“Our members represent all key roles in the big data ecosystem — Apache Hadoop distros, ISVs, system integrators, solution providers and end users — and have brought their real-world experience in helping to align enterprise demands with the developer community,” said John Mertic, director of program management for ODPi. “Having Altiscale, ArenaData, Hortonworks, IBM, and Infosys declare compliance with the ODPi Runtime Specification is a strong step toward simplifying and standardizing the big data ecosystem to accelerate the delivery of business outcomes.”

ODPi’s work complements the Apache Software Foundation and helps companies use Apache Hadoop more effectively. The organization’s aim is to develop a cross-industry standard that enables developers to easily write applications that sit on top of big data stacks, lowering the costs of interoperability across systems.

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