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NEW YORK, Nov. 27, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mr. @Andrew Hubble, #DellEMC, Sales Director Asia Pacific and Japan, #Surveillance and #Security, told us, “Terrorism in certain countries in Asia has certainly focused governments and enterprise to review their own safety and security methods to protect the public, staff and critical infrastructure and how to improve current practice. #Convergence and collaboration of multiple Safety and Security technology combined with “ #BigData ” #analytics are needed to leverage technology in the battle against terrorism in APJ. This provides both challenges and opportunities for @Dell EMC as we can provide both thought leadership in the technology challenges while being the catalyst for all of the different technology partners that operate in this space.” “Safety and Security now touch every industry from Government through to small business and domestic users. Dell EMC key markets are usually in the Government sector, particularly in Safe Cities, border protection and transportation. Large commercial and enterprise business are also key users of Dell EMC infrastructure in their Safety and Security needs.” “Dell EMC has had some significant wins in the Safe City and Transportation sectors throughout Asia Pacific. Because of the nature of Safety and Security, our customers prefer not to be publically referenceable, but will discuss their best practice and experiences on a peer to peer basis. Safe City’s in India, Vietnam and Korea, Airports in Australia, Singapore, China and Metro Rail in China, Australia and Japan are all customers of Dell EMC and we can facilitate industry references when required.” For the complete interview with Andrew Hubble, please click here, or here:

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