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There is an exciting new development in the big data space!  #VMware is collaborating with #Cloudera to jointly develop a new Plugin for the @Cloudera Director management environment to deploy and manage Cloudera’s software on to #vSphere.

For those who are not familiar with it, Cloudera Director is an enterprise-grade tool for deploying and managing Cloudera Distribution including #Hadoop (CDH) in cloud environments.  The #ClouderaDirector Plugin for vSphere will now extend that capability to vSphere based environments running on premises.  Cloudera and VMware are together focused on developing this tool as the main way to deploy CDH instances to the vSphere platform. Here is a picture of the architecture showing the position of the Plugin within the overall Cloudera deployment landscape. Using the Web User Interface to Cloudera Director, you can now provision several CDH clusters and several Cloudera Manager instances onto virtual machines on vSphere. At provisioning time, Cloudera Director calls the vSphere APIs first and then calls Cloudera Manager (CM) to do the actual installation of the CDH software.

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