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#AMD has confirmed some interesting bits regarding their current and upcoming products in an interview with OverclockersUK. These products are based on @AMD’s CPU and GPU technologies that have received major updates in 2017 and will continue to get better as the company moves forward. AMD Confirms #Vega 11 Product Positioning, #AM4 ’s Life Span and Vega 64 / 56 Increased Supply The interview was hosted by OverclockersUK and AMD’s Senior Product Manager, James Prior, was invited over to answer some public questions during the live stream. During the interview, James is talking a quite bit about Ryzen and Threadripper since he is the product manager of Threadripper and works in the Client Computing Group for Desktop CPUs (Enthusiast Team). Several questions are asked during the interview but some interesting details about current and upcoming products were revealed during the talk which are mentioned below. RELATED NVIDIA’s Discrete GPU Market Share Climbed To 72.8% in Q3 2017, AMD’s Share Dropped From 30% To 27% – PC Gaming Demand Leads To Rise in AIB Shipments  AMD’s AM4 Socket Will Support All Upcoming Generations of Zen CPUs Till 2020 While this isn’t a huge reveal since AMD already mentioned in their slides that AM4 is built to last a generation of Zen based processors, it is still good to see that AMD’s top managers are reassuring the claim. AMD is known to build platforms around a socket that lasts longer compared to Intel. On the Intel side, we have seen two chipset / platform changes within a year (Kaby Lake / Coffee Lake). AMD on the other hand will offer support for all upcoming generations of the Zen architecture cpu on their AM4 platform.  It was also confirmed that work on Zen 2 began when the foundation of Zen 1 was already laid out, giving engineers enough time to tweak the next best thing after Ryzen. Talking about Zen itself, the upcoming generation of processors codenamed Pinnacle Ridge are said to utilize a refresh of ZEN rather than a complete update that Zen 2 is supposed to be. Hence, the family after Ryzen (1st gen 1***) will use the Zen+ architecture and not Zen 2. There’s no official confirmation what process or technology updates Zen+ might use but AMD has confirmed to ship 12nm process based CPUs in a previous set of slides. RELATED Radeon Retrospective: Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition and RX 480 [Video]  Rest assured, you will be totally able to plug in the next Zen+ / Zen 2 product in your existing AM4 motherboard. AMD’s Vega 11 GPU Is Designed For APUs – Featured on Desktop and Mobility Raven Ridge APUs in Several SKUs With Variable CU Count Alright so we have been anticipating to see the Vega 11 GPU since the announcement of the Vega lineup but James Prior has just confirmed what’s all the deal about this particular SKU. Apparently, Vega 11 isn’t the name of a specific GPU that will have various SKUs but it’s a simple codename for the integrated graphics embedded on the Raven Ridge APU die.

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