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It’s once again cheaper to use #AmazonWebServices. The leading cloud computing company announced price cuts Wednesday across the services it provides through its #ElasticCompute Cloud.This is the 61st time AWS has cut prices on its services, the company said in a blog post. AWS price cuts seemed to arrive monthly at one point a few years ago, and while the pace of those cuts has slowed down a bit, the overall trend continues as AWS usage grows and it exacts pricing power on its suppliers.

Depending on what type of instance you wish to purchase, and the region in which you prefer to run your workloads, the cuts range between five percent and 21 percent. More details are available here.

As overall usage of AWS increase, the company is able to cut prices at a fairly steady clip. It most recently cut prices in November, and the cuts don’t seem to have affected the division’s bottom line: AWS operating income has increased sharply year-over-year during the last two quarters.

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