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#Cisco has confirmed that it is killing its $1 billion cloud project known as ” #Intercloud ,” as The Reg’s Simon Sharwood reported on Wednesday. A spokesperson confirmed to Venture Beat that the public Intercloud will be shuttered in March 2017 and Cisco will move enterprises apps and data elsewhere including to another, unnamed public cloud provider. While Cisco isn’t saying the name of that cloud provider, there’s a good chance that it’s #Amazon because enterprises are tripping over themselves to use Amazon these days. Amazon has got more features and more partners than any other cloud provider out there. Cisco launched The Intercloud in 2014, promising to spend $1 billion on it. It was launched in response to the growing threat of Amazon, which is increasingly sucking up the apps, data and IT budgets of many big enterprise customers. Meanwhile, the cloud providers like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google aren’t using a lot of Cisco gear. They are increasingly using a new style to build networks that relies more on software and less on high-end, expensive hardware. Some of them, like Amazon, #Microsoft and #Google are even building their own network hardware altogether. (Meanwhile Facebook has been madly inventing whole new kinds of network hardware suitable for big cloud providers and giving the designs away to everyone for free.) So score another body bag win for the unstoppable Amazon Web Services. Its runaway success has claimed a number of victims since last year. For instance, in 2015, HP shuttered its public cloud and helped its customers move to Amazon and then signed a bigger partnership deal to help them use Microsoft Azure.

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