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#Amazon ’s cloud computing operation may soon have more than 1 gigawatt of power capacity supporting its huge US-East data center cluster, according to a #Greenpeace analysis of the company’s energy use. Amazon Web Services ( #AWS ) had 500 megawatts of capacity in a 2015 analysis, but has since received permission for generators to support another 560 megawatts of data center capacity, Greenpeace estimates. Some of those projects are still in the planning and construction phase. But when they are completed, the new capacity would bring Amazon’s total data center energy footprint in Northern Virginia to 1.06 gigawatts. This appears to be the first instance of a single cloud provider approaching 1 gigawatt – equal to 1,000 megawatts or 1 billion watts – in a single geographic market. As the world’s leading provider of cloud computing services, AWS is an outlier in its massive deployment of data center capacity, and Virginia is its largest market.

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